The Launch Copy Kit

Templates for all the copy you need to launch a digital program.

So uh, what are you supposed to put in your sales email sequence, Instagram posts to promote your offer, or a Facebook ad anyway?

Launching an e-course or other online program the first (second, third, tenth) time is overwhelming.

You know that you need to write compelling emails, but what on earth are you supposed to say?

You know that you need some kind of "pre launch" training, but how does it fit in and omg my brain hurts just thinking about it.

In The Launch Copy Kit, I'm giving you a system and plug + play templates for ALL of your launch copy.

  • Get my full launch strategy (I call it the "Raving Fan Formula")
  • Complete checklist of everything you need to create for your launch (and when).
  • Sample schedule of when to send out all of your promotions, emails, etc.
  • Plug and play templates for your email sequences (I'm literally telling you EXACTLY what to put in each email) and when to send them.

The Launch Copy Kit helps you pop out great copy for all 3 phases of your launch:


Do you have a lot of people on your list but a below average conversion rate?

Do you have a really engaged but "small" audience that you'd like to grow?

Do you have trouble getting people to be like, "Where's the buy now button?! I need this!"?

If any of those are true, your "raving fan" formula is off balance. Here are the phases of an effective launch:

"After working with Courtney on my launch copy I more than doubled the enrollments for my course.

Even with a tech glitch at my webinar, I was able to convert 10% to sales with my pitch. It feels pretty good to have my first $13K month!"

- Corey Willis, Hey There Home

Here are the exact templates you get in each of the phases of The Launch Copy Kit:

Your Launch Map

Goal: Here's the "eagle eye" view of how I approach your launch strategy to keep a super engaged audience who is ready to buy when I open enrollment.

  • 01.01 The 3 Phases of Your Launch
  • 01.02 The Ultimate Checklist for Your Next Launch
  • 01.03 How to Schedule the Phases of Your Launch


Goal: Write copy to attract the right people to a curated list (more specific than your general list) who will be eager to learn more about your topic.

  • 02.01 Introduction to Attraction
  • 02.02 High Converting Opt-In Pages (for your webinar or video training)
  • 02.03 Attract with Social Media
  • 02.04 Invite Your Current Subscribers to Your "Launch List"
  • 02.05 Attract with Facebook Ads (yes!)


Goal: The copy in this phase is what turns new readers into friends. I'll show you how to position yourself as an expert and get more people to engage with your pre-launch training with a personalized email sequence.

  • 03.01 Wow Their Socks Off
  • 03.02 Amaze with Email (AKA how to get people to show up to your free training)
  • 03.03 Amaze with Periscope or Facebook Live


Goal: Present your raving fans with an irresistible offer to continue working with you in your paid program or service.

  • 04.01 Introduction to Asking for the Sale
  • 04.02 How to go from free training to "pitching" your paid offer
  • 04.03 Ask for the Sale with this Email Sequence
  • 04.04 Ask for the Sale with Social Media
  • 04.05 Write Facebook Ads Copy to Get Sales



Lifetime Access to The Launch Copy Kit on our membership site.

The Launch Copy Kit lives on our membership site. You'll get a unique login to access all of your materials once you purchase your kit.

The cool part? If you own any of our other programs, you will use the same login credentials to access your Launch Copy Kit and have all of your programs in one place!

Get your questions answered in The Launch Copy Kit Facebook Community

In my opinion, there are few things more valuable than having a community where you can get support while you work though a program. That's what The Launch Copy Kit community is for!

I will be popping in the Facebook Group a couple of times per week to respond personally to your comments and questions as you prepare for your next launch!

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I started The Rule Breaker's Club from a closet-sized "apartment" in Paris in 2011 with nothing more than a B.A. in French and a rebellious attitude. (I've since moved my Francophile ways to Montréal, Québec).

Since transforming from academic writing consultant to French tutor to résumé writing specialist to rule-breaking copywriter (with a few skipped steps in between), I've worked with dozens and dozens of fabulous entrepreneurs on overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there and declaring your message.

With a background in language + psychology and lots of training in education, I'm armed to help you write your site fabulously, darling. After all, I do take pizazz very seriously.

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You don't need to take a shot in the dark writing the copy for your next launch.

Use The Launch Copy Kit to easily write all of the emails, FB posts, Ads copy that you need to hit your desired conversion rate.

You'll be able to pound out copy that turns fans into paying customers. Yeah, for real.

Here's what else you'll be able to do with The Launch Copy Kit:

  • Schedules and templates for ALL of your email sequences (for all 3 phases of your launch)
  • Prompts to create inspiring social media posts that will pull people into your business' story and want to learn more.
  • FINALLY find out how to "pitch" yourself at a webinar or at the end of a free training without sounding like an awkward sales monster.
  • Take the "holy crap what am I doing?" feeling out of launching. I'm giving you my proven launch strategy and complete checklist.
  • Get dozens and dozens of plug + play formulas for subject lines, emails, social media, etc.

Is your offer a good fit for The Launch Copy Kit?

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I know you're going to love The Launch Copy Kit!

However, if you’re not satisfied with the exhaustive template library, you may request a refund within the first 14 days of purchase.

To qualify for a refund, we ask that you email and show that you’ve used at least 3 LCK worksheets and provide a reason why you are dissatisfied. (In other words, we do not grant “buyer’s remorse” refunds).

We do our best to give you all of the information you need about The Launch Copy Kit on this page before you purchase.

"I'm a copywriter, hell, I teach copywriting, and when I found myself stuck on some launch copy, I went right to the Launch Copy Kit.

Even if you're a total pro and launched a million times, Courtney gives you a new perspective and a simple way to move past the overwhelm of writing all those emails. If you're just getting started you NEED this as it will save you a ton of time and energy with proven format for your launch emails."  

- Maggie Patterson, Co-Founder at Scoop Industries


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my Launch Copy Kit? +

Right after you purchase the kit, I will send you your login details for the membership site 🙂

When you login to the membership site, you will have instant access to all of the Launch Copy Kit materials at once.

How long will I have access to the Launch Copy Kit? +

You get lifetime access to The Launch Copy Kit including all future updates.

How much time do I need to write all of my launch copy? +

It's best to start working on your launch copy at least 30 days before your launch. If you have less time, that's ok!

Inside of The Launch Copy Kit I tell you which elements you need depending on how simple or complex you want to make your launch.

Does this kit go over sales pages too? +

I teach my full sales page formula in The Sales Page Kit, so we don't cover sales pages in The Launch Copy Kit.